Member Berry

Member Berry

Skunk Berry X Mandarin Sunset




THC : 24 % - 28 %


The Member Berry Strain is a well-balanced, hybrid cannabis strain that exhibits long-lasting, potent effects. It was created by the master cultivators by crossing Mandarin Sunset and Skunk Berry. Mandarin Sunset is an intoxicating, sedative indica that produces pungent mandarin orange and skunk terpenes. Skunk Berry is an aromatic cannabis strain that provides you with a euphoric and uplifting buzz while melting away the pain and ushering in some much-needed relaxation.


It comes as no surprise then why the Member Berry Strain would be such a successful cannabis strain, inheriting some of the best traits from both parent strains. The Member Berry Strain typically tests in at around 24-28% THC which makes it an effective strain for both recreational and medicinal use.